Dobbs Equity Partners, LLC is a private, family-owned business that makes private equity investments in existing and start-up operating companies. We seek to partner with talented operators with significant experience in their fields to acquire or start-up businesses with significant growth potential. We are not a private equity fund in that we invest family assets and do not seek to raise capital from outside parties. In addition, we are long-term investors that seek to create value over time. We do not have a fixed investment horizon, but are willing to invest indefinitely, if prudent to do so.

We seek to partner with our operating executives and invest alongside of them to help them achieve their goals. We seek to prudently invest capital and minimize the use of leverage in our businesses. We are able to take on broad responsibilities for back office functions within our portfolio companies, including accounting and finance, tax, human resources, insurance and risk, and legal, among other things. However, we are not operators nor do we manage the daily operations of our partner companies.